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  • New CMS

    New CMS

    BARONALEX.COM will be moving off of WordPress soon!

    For the first time in my nearly 15+ years of online content management I will be moving to a different CMS for my website than WordPress.

    This will allow me to leverage the speed of CDNs/serverless as well as the forward thinking concepts behind the latest CMS concepts. In particular I’m interested in developing my ability to develop concept association schemas.


    More and more I see this sort of high level thought being the realm of human contribution and everything else will be better suited for advanced tools that expedite creation and deployment of ideas.

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    Looking back at WordPress

    I often chose WordPress for my clients because of its simplicity and I had always hoped my clients would adopt the content management aspects once I got them set up. Far too often though they really needed continuing marketing and content management services just as much as they needed the CMS deployment/customization + graphic design services I provided.

    Going forward:

    Proposed stack:

    Front end: gatsby.js

    Front end language (really a language with built in architecture): react.js

    I’m thinking of hosting on netlify for its cheap CND and large asset storage capabilities combined with its ease of deployment. I currently pay for an aws S2 instance but I’m full sold on the benefits of serverless being the way to go for anything but applications that need the most control possible.

    WordPress is a dodo? Nono.

    While I would love to rush this process and just completely move on from WordPress, I don’t think I can completely say I’m ready to at this point. The capabilities it allows for plugins to be used to expedite the process of integrations is still far too necessary still at this point. Until my skills with APIs really take form, I can’t say I could get anywhere close to matching WordPress for certain things. I think I will just have my top level domain and content/blog moved over and stored in a modern scheme and with portable text now being the priority.

    Frame my goals, constantly:

    Ultimately learning is the goal in all my endeavors in life and I stopped learning as much with WordPress a long time ago. I have no interest in learning more PHP and how to manipulate it’s complicated and cumbersome architecture at this time.

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