This case resulted in a multi-hundred thousand dollar settlement 

This advertisement caught the eye of a young gentleman who had been treated quite unfairly by the Prince George’s County Police.
I designed this advertisement, managed the campaign that collected and sent out the advertisements. In addition, I did much of the leg work in managing this case until it was settled on the 2nd day of trial.

This case attracted prime time TV news coverage on News Channel 7.

We started using postcards because I realized people don’t open mail:

Interactive Asset Distribution Spreadsheet


If I were re-do this project today I would make the divorcees gender-neutral. 

Developed this primarily to be used in divorce cases for experimenting with different asset distributions and seeing the results on the fly. It has been used both out of court and in court.

Fun Fact:

“When the new wing of the Circuit Court in Montgomery County, Maryland opened, this spreadsheet was FIRST used in the FIRST trial held in the building and it also just so happened to be the FIRST trial to take advantage of the facility’s new technological capabilities. I secretly regretting not calling the media before the trial in an attempt to get us and the county some mutually beneficial positive coverage.”


Below is a link to a version of the spreadsheet. It hasn’t been tested so please let me know if you try it and it doesn’t work.

Google Sheets Version

Interactive Distribution Sheet

Click here to make your own

Direct Mailing Bulk Mail Project

At a cost savings of about $85 per week since March 2013, this campaign will have saved The Law Offices of Donny Knepper, LLC appoximately $26,000 in postage alone at end of 2018. This is a lot for sole-practitioner law firm.”


After working for small law firms for approximately 5 years I always wanted to break into new forms of marketing such as social media. For certain types of legal matters (Criminal,Traffic,Domestic,Family Law) these forms of advertising are difficult. People will often suggest a lawyer for these issues by word of mouth but it is rare for someone to broadcast to their social network a photo of them and their lawyer. “Thanks to my Attorney, I just beat my 5th drunk driving charge!”, No. So if you were wondering why you are reading about a direct mail campaign, that’s why.


Attorneys in Maryland are able to obtain a weekly report of traffic offenses which occurred in Maryland from the District Court in a rich text format(.rtf). This list of leads is widely distributed throughout the attorney community in Maryland and it is not uncommon for a recent serious traffic offender to receive 25+ direct mail solicitations at almost the exact same time.

This is the unprocessed list as provided by the District Court Of Maryland


  • Convert list into a format that could quickly be printed onto envelopes
  • Reduce the cost of this weekly mailing
  • Make the first impression on prospective clients by speeding up this process
  • Differentiate our mailer at first impression so that clients are less likely to throw away our mailer


1) Writing a macro which automatically deleted unnecessary information

2) Use import function in Microsoft Excel to sort word processing file into database

Research and find a website which is capable of reviewing an Excel spreadsheet for addresses and checking them against the USPS database for verified, and inactive addresses to reduce the chance of wasting and advertisement and thereby cutting costs.

Final processed list, ready for mail merge

Design a Unique Envelope that stuck out at first glance while still conforming to USPS’s regulations (not easy)

We identified Donny’s former position as a Marine was very important to advertise in the Washington, DC area

Examples of Advertising Inserts

Layout, Design, Photographs By Me

Use USPS Bulk Mail Reducing Postage Cost by ~50%

I introduced this direct mail marketing campaign in early 2013. It is still going on today. We would send out on average 350 pieces of mail per week at a saving of about half vs. a forever stamp. That’s 350 x 0.245=85.75

Purchase of Industrial Quality/Speed Address Printer

This industrial quality address printer saved us a ton of ink and hours of labor every week. 

The advertisement you see here actually solicited our single highest paying client ever. He ended up settling a case half way through trial with Prince George’s County for $200,000