Recent Stuff: git, docker, cloud hosting, javascript, infusionsoft and elementor

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the fantastic version control system on GitHub learning how to use that with docket to install containers on various locations.

When I first got introduced to computers, my father was starting to do desktop publishing on a desktop computer that didn’t have a GUI.

Does anyone remember the term 2-86?

I’ve been loving working with command line interfaces. It’s nice to be able to just type something in and have it happen magically. I love it, and I’m going to have to buy a second computer to run Linux on and do my development work. I can’t afford a Mac after all.

An aside:

I think it’s sad it seems the development community has gone the way of the Apple. I see Apple as the ultimate gatekeepers. Charging twice as much for the same thing mostly just for style. Having tools like Framer X only available on Macs right now is sad. STEM fields have always had higher barriers of entry for education. You need better tools, better computers, better money to be able to access the tools needed to study these fields. 


Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean are all offering competing services regarding cloud computing. I’ve experimented with all of them but have spent the most time with AWS (although digital ocean is far cheaper and it seems the instances they run with equivalent power are much much powerful than AWS 🤔)

Anyways I’ve learned how to use EC2, Elastic Confainer Services (ECS), setting up a VPC and security groups (SG) how to set up a auto scaling group and load balancer. I’ve reminder myself about other skills like SSH and keys and using domain redirecting etc.

Well its all been a lot of late nights and frustration but I’m start to get the hang of it and it feels good.

Who knows how these skills will come into play in the future. Most modern businesses rely on these features to run and so it is important to have knowledge of them.

I’ve also had the opportunity recently to consult with a group and use infusionsoft for the first time. I had been experimenting with sales force and infusionsoft is a similar platform but seems to be better suited for small businesses. It’s extremely complicated but not too hard to learn if you’ve got a little bit of logic in your noggin. I’ve managed to get decent with setting up tags and the campaign builder as well as setting up many other configurations.

Elementor is the best WordPress plugin for templating available and its been a real privilege to use it. I don’t trust that it isn’t creating just a huge mess of code and a very slow and cumbersome site that google hates but lets hope not.