Potomac Appalachian Trail Club – Mountaineering Section 2018 – Journeys Photo Winner!

I’m very grateful to share with you an image of mine I took with my DJI Mavic drone of my friends Will and Emil climbing a route in Mexico last winter climbing season.

See later in this post for more videos and images. 

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Mota Wall, Park: Potrero Chico, City: Hidalgo, State: Nuevo Leon County: Mexico

Those of you who know me know I have been rock climbing for a number of years as my preferred method of getting exercise and interacting with nature. I have found it both exciting and challenging to train for this physically and mentally challenging sport while also learning the many many many systems and techniques of using ropes and other assorted equipment to maintain safe practices. While this sport has been expensive, challenging, and (since it is body weight dependent) quite hard on a 195 lbs 6’4″ individual, I am have enjoyed it tremendously.

I LOVE introducing people to climbing. If you are reading this and want to try it out, feel free to ask. It is truly a gift for me to share something I have loved doing with someone that shows interest.

This shot took a lot of preparation: Good conditions required that the route be well lit, easily accessible by drone and somewhat secluded from other climbers as not to disturb them for safety reasons. When filming or taking images of climbers, I really prefer to get “in-and-out” with drones. We chose a tall route on the far end of Mota wall which got a lot of sun in the morning since it faced the inside of the Potrero.

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(Just to brag) here is some of my rock climbing equipment: