The Law Offices of Donny Knepper, LLC

Senior Paralegal/Legal Assistant & Investigator

February 2013 – November 2017

Accomplishments & Demonstrated Skills

Demonstrated excellent multitasking ability by balancing a diverse set of responsibilities that ranged from paralegal, investigator, technical support, bookkeeper to marketing consultant.

Paralegal: Review and drafts contracts and other agreements Draft legal documents and correspondence both independently and in collaboration with attorneys. Perform legal research and assist in case preparation for litigation. Interface with government entities to file or obtain a variety of documents as well familiarity with electronic filing systems such as PACER. Conduct and assist attorneys in interviews with investigative sources and prospective witnesses in addition to prepare them for any legal proceedings. Track the attorneys’ schedules and routinely met with clients in place of attorneys. Demonstrated the flexibility to perform and adapt in the ever changing and often demanding legal environment

Discovery: Respond and generate discovery requests. Summarize responses for the attorney, identify insufficient responses, and generate ideas for supplemental requests. Use software already available in creative ways to review discovery materials faster often producing spreadsheets for quicker analysis. Report on my findings and leverage the statistics and trends to design persuasive visual aids in order to aid in litigation.

Investigator: Conduct surveillance. Locate and interview witnesses. Interface with government/public, online/in-person information sources. Conduct forensic investigations to gather technical information like IP addresses, and social media activity.

Creative Solutions:
Created a spreadsheet for negotiations that allowed for generating asset allocation options (for instance a divorce) & receiving immediate feedback as to whether court-ordered or agreed upon requirements are met.

The Law Offices of Shawn Gritz

Legal Assistant

April 2013 – February 2014

Accomplishments & Demonstrated Skills

  • Successfully supported attorney specializing in personal injury law as well as  criminal & traffic defense and 
  • Drafted subpoenas, complaints, motions, memorandums and other legal documents.
  • Collected medical records and processed them for redaction.
  • Conducted investigations in order to assess and further assign liability by obtaining, generating and/or reviewing:
    • Police reports
    • Witnesses and participant statements
    • Evidence from online sources such as Google Earth and Microsoft Bing aerial photography
  • Calculated, collected and established proof of damages by interfacing with providers of medical care as well as automobile repair by:
    • Drafting requests and followup requests for medical records, medical billing statements, automobile repair contracts and billing.
  • Coordinate and assist clients in obtaining medical care and automobile repair by interfacing with insurance companies, automobile mechanics as well as numerous healthcare practitioners. 
  • Conducted negotiations from start to end of pre-trial negotiations by:
    • Drafted demand packages consisting of cover letter, establishment and demonstration of proof of liability, aggregation, demonstration and redaction of documents related to property and healthcare related damages.Conduct multiple rounds of settlement negotiations with insurance companies and interface with client each time
  • Work independent of attorney until the time at while settlement negotiations breakdown and preparations for trial begin.

Shawn Gritz, Esq


Phone: 301-217-9200
Cell: 301-980-5930

“Alex was a wonderful employee to have and a wonderful person to work with. He is a thorough person who helped me in so many ways. His knowledge of computers, technology and digital media combined with his understanding of legal and other issues was invaluable.”

Shawn Gritz’s Endorsement from LinkedIn


University of Maryland, College Park

B.A in Communications, 2011

Activities and Extracurricular

1) Volunteered to design a website for a student organization: Undergraduates for Environmental Responsibility. This was a communications department project which advocated around the University for better environmental practices on campus.
2) Worked 20+ hrs a week most of college developing the ability to balance working and attending school at the same time.

Professional References

Worked With


James Selvaggi, CFP

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management
Financial Advisor

Direct: 301-556-2315



Brian Sadur

Attorney (Private)

Phone: 301-340-2930


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Donald Knepper

Attorney (Private)

Phone: 301-765-4473



Shawn Gritz





Dilip Sheth

Fine Artist & Owner of Artful Framing

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301 537 8713